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Mining Systems and Transport Solutions е основана во 2013

Beeing a new company MS&T Solutions grows only by the dedication of its management team and soon finds its place in the mining and transport industry.
For us 2015 is an important year as we became representatives for several global brands such as BYG, Donaldson Filters, Baldwin Filters, Galax Oil, JBM, Tetralube,  Pepperl +Fuchs, Teltonica and Fox and one regional brand – Eco Mobile.
Becoming a part of these global families has an importnt influence in our improvement in the mining and transport industriy.
Our main goal is to work with our clients to understand their needs and apply this knowledge to optimize their busines processes to lower maintenance and operation costs. Using our solutions and our partners support we are able to optimise vehicle fleets, streamline mine transport and monitor mine quality, deploy sensor networks to monitor and improve production and more.
Our company mission is to transform original ideas into valuable products tailored to our customers.
Together with our partners we continue to deliver modern solutions with ultimate quality and dedication to our clients.